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Psychology Instructor Finds Creative Way to Support Students this Thanksgiving

Posted on: October 6th, 2015 by insidemctc No Comments
MCTC Psychology instructor Troy Dvorak

MCTC Psychology Instructor Troy Dvorak.

MCTC can’t take poverty out of a student’s life, but the College community can do something to help.

That’s the sentiment of Psychology Instructor Troy Dvorak, who is thinking ahead to Thanksgiving and to his students who may not have family to join or a Thanksgiving meal to enjoy. “While I have always enjoyed time and wonderful meals with family during the holidays, I know many of our students want for the most basic things, including food. That bothers me a lot,” he said.

Troy plans to address this reality by donating sixteen $25 Cub Foods gift cards to the MCTC Resource and Referral Center, which is part of the larger MCTC Student Support Center.

“A meal is a basic need. Being able to provide that meal is a point of pride,” said Troy. “I imagine there are more in our community who would like to see MCTC students well-fed on Thanksgiving and feeling proud about it.”

Troy is inviting MCTC faculty, staff and community members to join him in making $25 donations to the Resource and Referral Center to fund more grocery gift cards.

“There are many things I cannot change about a student’s situation,” he said. “But in the same way we endeavor to help students academically, I want to extend my caring beyond the classroom.”

All interested members of the MCTC community are invited to join Troy and the Resource and Referral Center in ensuring MCTC’s students have a full meal this Thanksgiving. All contributions toward these grocery gift cards can be delivered to the Student Support Center in T.2300.

“I am very thankful every day, and want to share that with others,” said Troy.

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