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The Groove: Fall 2010

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The Groove Fall 2010

The Groove: Fall 2010

Check out the fall 2010 issue of The Groove, MCTC’s newsletter for alumni and friends. This edition features our new Community Development program, profiles of a faculty member and alumni in our Architectural Technology program and a student in our Apparel Technologies program who started her own fashion design business. Read more…

Community Development Program: Developing Leaders in Urban Communities

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Excerpted from “Community Development at MCTC” on the Native American Community Development Institute (NACDI) website.

By Sheila Regan

Last spring marked the beginning of a new A.S. Degree Program in Community Development at Minneapolis Community and Technical College. The first class, called Community Development and Indigenous Cultures, is being taught by Native American Cultural Development Institute staff members Syd Beane and Justin Huenemann.

The Community Development Program will prepare students for careers in community development, urban neighborhood revitalization, community organizations, environmental impact assessment, private developers, banks, nonprofits, and government agencies, according to MCTC’s description of the program.

Mike McGee, dean of Academic Affairs at MCTC, said that the program was developed with NACDI and will have an emphasis on the Native American experience, but that it will also be inclusive of all culture groups. “There are greater needs in community than just Native Americans,” McGee said. “But originally the program sprang out of those needs.”

McGee said the program will focus on the roles and responsibilities of leaders in urban communities. “We’re looking at ways students can make a difference,” he said. “We’re looking at trying to map the linkage between local urban agencies and the process of policy making in legislature and government.”

Sid Beane, one of the instructors for the spring course, who is also a consultant at NACDI, said one of the reasons for developing the program was that there’s “not a lot of new young leadership in the field, particularly in lower income or Indigenous communities.” Beane said that if Native people wanted to build their community, they would need trained professionals.

“It’s a holistic approach to developing community,” Beane said of the program. “It involves human capital, and bringing people together.”

The program entails three core courses: Community Development and Indigenous Cultures, which is being offered this spring, Community Development and Development Process, and Community Development and Project Management, according to Beane. Other courses in the 60-credit program will support those main core subjects. Read more…

Two exciting courses from the program offered this fall include:

Community Development Process
Instructor: Sydney Beane
BUSN 2301 – 90
001744 Credits: 3.0
08/25/2010 – 12/15/2010 W
6:45 p.m. – 9:10 p.m.

Community Development and Indigenous Cultures
Instructor: Sydney Beane
AMIS 1120 – 90
001701 Credits: 3.0
08/26/2010 – 12/16/2010 Th
5:30 p.m. – 8:10 p.m.

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