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Having trouble finding general education courses to take?

Posted on: November 20th, 2012 by Emilie Nimmo No Comments

Some of you may know this, but for others this tip can be a lifesaver when searching for general education courses that you need to take.  The MNTC Goal Area sheet can be sortof daunting to look at, so you can actually just search an entire goal area when registering.  Here’s how:

1. Go into your e-services account, choose “courses/registration” and “find a course”
2. Choose the “advanced” tab that is next to the “basic” tab that comes up automatically
3. In this list of search options, choose “MN Transfer Curriculum Goal”
4. With this search option, you can put in any of the 1-10 Goal Areas.  I recommend starting with either 5 or 6, as those areas house the most amount of courses

With this search option, you know for sure that the courses that you are finding count towards your “general education” requirement for your degree.  As a reminder- you have until January 18th, 2013 to make your final registration choices (however, classes start on January 14th). Let me know if you have any questions, or please feel free to leave a comment regarding any useful tips that you may have when registering!

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