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Summer ACCT and BUSN course offerings!

Posted on: February 15th, 2013 by Emilie Nimmo 4 Comments

It’s time to start thinking about registering for summer courses! As a reminder- summer is a “half” semester, wherein it’s only 8 weeks as compared to the normal 16 weeks of Fall and Spring Semesters.  We do allow students to take up to 10 credits- but I typically recommend no more than 6-8 credits.  You can receive financial aid for this semester IF you have money left over from this past school year.  Once you register for summer courses, the financial aid department will send out a specific summer award letter that will let you know your eligibility.  If you end up not having enough funds, you have time to drop these courses before the semester begins.

These are the course offerings for the ACCT and BUSN specific courses:

ACCT 1215 Accounting Cycle
ACCT 1272 Peachtree
BUSN 1140 Intro to Business
BUSN 1142 Principles of Marketing
BUSN 1154 Business Communications
BUSN 2202 Financial Accounting
BUSN 2252 Principles of Management

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  1. Melissa Crawford says:

    Money Leftover? Explain how?

    • Great question! There is a potential for students to have “left over” money for summer semester if they didn’t use all of their awarded money during the previous academic year (Fall and Spring). For example, if a student took only 6 credits per semester- they would only have used up half of their grant money (if this student received grants), and this “un-used” money could be rolled over for summer. Likewise, if you didn’t take out the full amount of potential loan money that was initially stated on your award letter in Fall and Spring Semester, you would have some left over to use for summer. With loans, remember, you always need to be registered for 6 or more credits. With grants, you can have eligibility starting at 1 credit. Once you register for summer semester, the Financial Aid department will send you a specific award letter for the Summer Semester letting you know if you have any money available. Let me know if there are any other questions about this!

  2. chuck larson says:

    Thanks for the heads up on registration.
    When will the course list be available for fall?

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